Fundraising Program

FundScrip Raises Money and Customer Satisfaction

FundScrip is a fundraising program that takes a different approach to promotional products in Canada. Fundscrip uses Gift Cards from various retailers to raise funds for anything from schools to community groups to sports teams.

Fundscrip supporters order and use Gift Cards to pay for their everyday purchases, like gas or groceries. When they use the Gift Cards, customers ensure a percentage of their purchases will go to support a fundraising goal.

With Petro-Canada™ Gift Cards, Fundscrip customers can raise funds with their purchases of fuel for sports teams, community causes, school trips and more.

Streamlining Card Ordering and Activation

Ideally, FundScrip supporters use Gift Cards on an ongoing basis — which means that a huge volume of Gift Cards are ordered and activated every day. This also means that in order to retain supporters, FundScrip needs to ensure that its ordering and activation process is easy and accessible.

In 2011, Petro-Canada worked with Fundscrip to create a custom Gift Card activation process which allowed FundScrip to integrate card activation into its card ordering system.

Petro-Canada worked with FundScrip to:

  • Simplify and automate the ordering process for FundScrip
  • Reduce the need for daily ordering
  • Eliminate the need, cost and issues of shipping Petro-Canada Gift Cards daily to the FundScrip location

Improving Customer Experience

This process has saved Fundscrip valuable lead time by accelerating turnaround, and ultimately offering a better client and customer experience. Since the new process launched, FundScrip has continued to receive praise from customers about ease of use.

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