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Shoppers Drug Mart’s Gas Savings Success

National drug store chain Shoppers Drug Mart offers popular consumer promotions throughout the year, in addition to its existing loyalty program. Traditionally, Shoppers Drug Mart chooses incentives supplied by other major Canadian brands with national scope and strong appeal to Canadians. Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card/Preferred Price Card

Looking to create a new consumer promotion with a unique offering, Shoppers Drug Mart decided to partner with Petro-Canada™ Incentive Solutions.

Unique Promotions for Consumers Coast-to-Coast

Working with Petro-Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart developed a branded Gift Card and fuel savings card incentive program designed to appeal to both its existing loyalty program customers and its casual customers nationwide.

By combining the Petro-Canada Gift Card and Preferred Price™ Card, Shoppers Drug Mart was able to reward customers who spent a certain dollar amount in-store with a very appealing fuel savings offer. The double card offer had double appeal — the Gift Card could be used for gas or for convenience store items, while the Preferred Price Card offered a price per litre discount at the pump.

The Gift Card and Preferred Price Card were distributed on a co-branded carrier at the point of sale to Shoppers Drug Mart customers.

Ongoing Promotional Success

Since its initial partnership with Petro-Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart has seen strong promotional results using gas savings as an incentive. The company has received positive customer feedback, reinforcing that gas savings is a strong motivator. Shoppers Drug Mart has been running successful gas incentive campaigns with Incentive Solutions since 2011.

Ready to make instant fuel savings your winning incentive?

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