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Petro-Canada™ helps companies build loyalty by leveraging the power of instant and ongoing fuel savings. Our incentive programs motivate and reward customers and employees, while extending your brand reach and increasing brand impressions.

Our programs include:

Corporate Gift Card Gift Card:
Redeemable for fuel, car washes and convenience store items at Petro-Canada retail stations. 
Preferred Price Card Preferred PriceTM Card:
Choose the savings rate and card value you would like to give. Your customers receive instant fuel savings at over 1,500 Petro-Canada stations nationwide.
Car Wash Card Car Wash Card:
Choose the type of wash and the number of washes per card. Redeemable at over 240 locations across Canada.
Digital Car Wash Program:
Distribute car washes easily using electronic fulfillment. Digital PINS are pre-activated and redeemable at over 240 car wash locations across Canada.

Key Benefits the #1 Incentive from Canada's Gas Station

Petro-Canada gives you the greatest potential to drive consumer and employee behaviour. Plus, our incentive programs are backed by the program expertise, brand name recognition and market coverage you need to succeed.

Compare Card Programs

Gift Card Preferred Price
Car Wash Card Digital Car Wash Program
  Gift Card Preferred Price Card Car Wash Card
Customization Customize the card image with your logo, message and custom graphic. Select an offer value that meets your business needs.

Customize the offer and the fulfillment website.

Limited impressions, depending on dollar value Repeat brand impressions over an extended period of time Repeat brand impressions over the number of washes activated Repeat brand impressions based on visits to your branded microsite.

Communicate free gas with the flexible Gift Card

Redeemable for fuel, car washes, and convenience store items

Leverage the motivational appeal of instant fuel savings with one-time or ongoing savings — courtesy of your brand

Include premium washes to increase the appeal of your offer

Give customers a high-value reward

Redemption Redeemable at over 1,500 retail and 240 car wash locations nationwide
Fulfillment and Activation Flexible activation and fulfillment options to suit your program needs Electronic fulfillment faciliates distribution.
Reload Reloadable for ongoing loyalty Not applicable

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